The Paku logo, an icon that represents wind

What is Paku?

Paku is an air quality app built to help you monitor real-time air quality anywhere the PurpleAir network covers. PurpleAir is a company that sells affordable air quality sensors that anyone can set up, and has a huge network of crowd-sourced air quality data - but they don’t have their own app.

As a native app, Paku is much faster than accessing PurpleAir on the web. It also offers features that the web app cannot, such as widgets and push notifications.

Core Product Features
  • Real-time map of PurpleAir sensors.
  • View AQI, temperature, humidity, or raw particulate values.
  • Gorgeous charts with a week of historical data for all measurements.
  • Use favorites to quickly check multiple sensors.
  • Favorites and settings sync between devices through iCloud.
  • Check the AQI with Siri and Shortcuts.
  •  Pro  Monitor AQI with Live Activities.
  •  Pro  Choose from several alternate app icons.
  • Several configurable widgets.
    •  Pro  ‘Chart’ widget that can show any measurement Paku supports.
    • ‘Big Stat’ widget for easy glanceability.
    • ‘Air Quality’ widget with an AQI gauge.
    • ‘EPA Color’ widget with a vivid AQI color.
    • Widgets can show the nearest sensor or a specific sensor.
      • Smart Select chooses the nearest accurate sensor to display.
    • Widgets support:
      • iOS and iPadOS Home Screen and Lock Screen.
      • StandBy on iPhone.
      • Apple Watch complications and Smart Stack.
      • Mac Desktop and Notification Center.
  •  Pro  AQI Alerts provide real-time air quality notifications.
    • Configure alerts for sensors to be notified when the AQI crosses a specified threshold.
    • Improvement Alerts notify you when the AQI has improved under your threshold.
  •  Pro  Add private sensors.
    • Keep your sensor private and view it in Paku.
    • See it on the map, and use it in widgets or alerts.
  •  Paku Pro 
    • Unlock AQI Alerts, Live Activities, private sensors, chart widgets, and alternate app icons.
    • $1.99/month, $13.99/year (1 week free trial), $69.99 lifetime.
Who makes Paku?

Paku was created by Pitou Technologies, LLC, a one-person venture from Kyle Bashour.

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