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Paku Press Kit

Fact Sheet

About: Paku is the best app for PurpleAir, allowing you to quickly check air quality and more on all of your Apple devices. It has gorgeous widgets available everywhere, and AQI alerts that can notify you when the AQI exceeds a threshold (or crosses back below it).
Developer: Paku is developed by Kyle Bashour, under Pitou Technologies.
Platforms: watchOS 10.0, iOS/iPadOS 17.0, macOS 13.0 or later.
Pricing: Free for most features.
Paku Pro: Unlocks AQI Alerts, Private Sensors, and Chart Widgets, costs $1.99/m or $13.99/y, $59.99 one-time purchase, Family Sharing included.

5.0 Launch

Paku 5.0 is launching September 18 alongside iOS 17 and watchOS 10, with a macOS update September 26 alongside macOS 14 Sonoma. This is Paku’s biggest update yet, with a brand new design, gorgeous new widgets, and tons of new features and improvements.

What’s New

→ Brand new design with improved search, favorites, trends, and charts.
→ Customize Paku to show the details you care about; data points can be hidden, and charts toggled on or off.
→ Favorites and other settings sync to all your devices through iCloud.
→ Improved EPA guidance and callouts for sensor status.
→ Landscape support on iPhone.
→ Beautiful new app icons by Michael Flarup and Iconfactory.
→ One-time purchase lifetime unlock option for Paku Pro.


→ Gorgeous new chart widgets allow you to view historical data.
→ New “Big Stat” widget for easy glanceability.
→ Widgets are available in StandBy on iPhone, the Lock Screen on iPad, the Desktop on Mac, and the Smart Stack on Apple Watch.
→ Improvements to Smart Select, which filters out unreliable sensors when the source is “Nearby.”


→ “Improvement Alerts” can send a notification when the AQI has improved below your threshold.
→ Choose a custom AQI threshold for alerts.
→ Alert configuration is improved with a dedicated screen.


→ Data points in your favorites list now show trend arrows.
→ Favorites are always visible in the new sheet at the bottom of the map.
→ Customize favorites to show just the data points you care about.
→ Favorites can now be reordered.
→ You can now view the nearest sensor at the top of your favorites.

Apple Watch

→ Brand new Watch app design.
→ View data for your favorite sensors right from the sensor list.
→ View charts in the new in the sensor details.
→ Favorites now sync with your phone.


→ Brand new Mac app design.
→ Favorites and search come to Mac in the sidebar.

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